Alice James

Alice is 23, daughter of Jenny James who founded Atlantis.

Born by a turf fire in an old cottage on Inishfree Island she has lived in the Colombian countryside for most of her life. She lives on her farm with her son Jack and his father Mario. She is an artist and natural doctor. 

Like all the young people brought up in Atlantis she has wasted very little time in her life on formal education. Instead she has developed her innate talents for healing people and animals, and for painting, carving, building and farming.

You can see some of the results below.
If you’d like to commission art-work by Alice please write to her at:

Click any painting for a detailed view

Alice James

"Memories of the journey"
(Alice, her sisters and her mother first came to South America by sea)

"Cornflowers and butterflies"

"Jungle Greenery"

"Grey horse"



"Dragonfly Moon"

"The King"

"Watching the Sunset"

"Atlantis Garden"



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