Green Letters from Colombia

Compiled and edited
by Jenny James, the
Green Letters give a
running account of
the activities and
experiences of the
Atlantis Community in
Colombia since 1995.

written by
Jenny James
for the
New Internationalist

by Alice James.

written by
Jenny James
about the
Atlantis Community.

  1. Atlantis Adventure.
  2. Atlantis Alive.
  3. Atlantis Inisfree.
  4. Atlantis Is.
  5. Atlantis Magic.
  6. Room To Breathe.
  7. Male Sexuality: The Atlantis Position.
  8. The Atlantis Handbook of Sex Techniques for the Heterosexual Female (All you ever knew about sex but were afraid to mention)
  9. They Call Us The Screamers.

How to get here,
what to bring
and what not to bring.

Three Sample songs to hear!

Many websites lead you into a magical but virtual world that exists only in cyber-space and in the imaginations of its creators and visitors. But the world that this site represents is real, full of the magic of the true Real World of plants, trees, animals, of people living together in a life-long shared adventure that we donít know where it will lead us - how could we know with this world as we know it teetering on the brink of the End?

What the beautiful pictures and paintings donít and canít show you is what it has taken to build and maintain this magical world - the fights, battles and wars both with our own and each others cold, western, capitalist inner demons, and with the external capitalist war that tears Colombia (and the rest of the planet) apart day by day, the same war that killed two of our young men, Tristan James and Javier Nova who were killed by FARC militia in July 2000. And neither can this site show you the plain gruelling physical hard work of building and rebuilding and digging and composting to grow our own food. But those are the reasons why this site shows you pictures and tells you tales of a world that really exists, as true magic canít exist without the tears, the hard work and the battles.

As anyone knows who takes their politics seriously and instinctively, Capitalism has affected each of us right down to the cellular level and Neoliberalism or Fascism are emotional states as well as matters of state. In Atlantis the plan is to understand and root out capitalism at the emotional level, at the me-first-and-to-hell-with-the-rest-of-you level. Thatís an important stage of any infants development because we all need to know how to fight to survive but the societies we spring from encourage us to get stuck there forever rather than mature and move on to sharing, working and living together. Itís easy to see why: Me-first babies consume more out of insecurity and fear, and their addiction to material goods make them much easier to control.

So weíre building our own way back to the tribes, not the tribes as they often are today, infected by the puritanism and misogyny of western religions but a place where men, women, kids and animals can all live together (without us eating the animals).

Visit us here, and on our beautiful organic farm in the mountains of southern Colombia if youíre looking for a real adventure...


Atlantis Flowers and Corn.