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i ee in
i she, her
iad them
iadsan they
iarnáil iron
iarr want, request
iarracht attempt, try
ag iarraidh an chíosa looking for the rent, demanding the rent
iarraidh go, blow
d'iarraidh amháin in one go
iarraim i ask
a d'iarraidh asking
ag iarraidh trying, attempting, endeavouring (to)
iarthar the west, western
iasacht loan
ar iasacht on loan
iasachta foreign
iasc eesk fish
iascach fishing
Iascaireacht isk-ar-acht Fishing, being a fisherman
iascaire fisherman
i bhfad far, a long way
i bhfabhar in favour of
i bhfad níos mó much more (also means `much bigger')
i bhfus over here
idir between
idirnáisiúnachas internationalism
idirnáisiúnta international
i dtaca le as well as (initial `dt' is pronounced `d')
i gcónaí always
i gcoinne against
i gcoinne a thola against his will
i gcoinne a tola against her will
ilnáisiúnaithe multi-nationals.
ilphairtíoch multi party
ilteangach multilingual
im im butter
Imeacht e-macht Departure(s)
imeachtaí events
imeallú marginalization
imigh go away
imigh leat! take yourself off
ag imeacht going away
imím imeem I go away
an imirce emigration
imircigh emigrants, (more commonly used; also = migrants)
imircigh óga young emigrants
imirt im-ert play (games)
imithe gone
imithe thar gone past
imleacán navel
imní anxiety, worry
im'= i mo in my
a importáiltear is imported
imrím I play
in aghaidh against
in aghaidh a dtola against their will ('in aghaidh'='i gcoinne')
in ann able (able to)
ina gcónaí ann living there
ina measc among them
ina theannta sin as well as that, in addition to that
in éadan opposed to
infheistíocht ón gcoigrích foreign investment
inimirceoir(i) immigrant(s)
inín daughter
in ionad in place of, instead of
iníor grazing
inis,inse, insí, island, islet
inite edible
Inné yesterday
inneall machine
innealtóir engineer
innis tell relate
inniu inyuu today
inseacht telling
insim I tell
institiúid institute
Institiúid Teangeolaíochta Éireann Linguistics Institute of Ireland
institiúid stáit state institiution
institiúid(í) cultúrtha cultural institution(s)
intinn mind, intention
ar intinn in mind, intending to
in uachtar on top, holding sway
íobairt sacrifice
íobairt an Aifrinn the sacrifice of the Mass
íoc pay
íocfaidh x x will pay (pay cost
. . of)
íochtar bottom part
in íochtar underneath
Iodáil Italy
an Iodáil Italy
na hIodáile of Italy
Iodáilis Italian language
an Iodáilis Italian
iomad great quantity, number, excess
an iomad too much, too many
iomaí: is iomaí many's the . . .
in iomáiocht le X competing with X
iomarca an excess of, too much
iompaigh turn
iompaím i turn
ag iompú ar ais turning back
iompair carry
iompar carriage, transport
a iompar to carry
ag iompar carrying
iompar cloinne being pregnant
ionad place, space occupied by
ionad ceimiceach chemical installations
ionadh wonder, surprise
ionam in me, inside me
ionam féin inside myself
ionann same, identical
ionat in you, inside you
ionat féin inside yourself
iondúil usual
go hiondúil usually
ionga nail (finger, toe)
Ionramhálaí OD D/A Handler
iontach very, marvellous
go hiontach wonderful
iontaobhaí (a) trustee
iontaobhas a trust (financial)
iontaobhas a chur ar bun to set up a trust
iontaobhas tithíochta housing trust
iontaofa reliable
iontaoibh trust (personal, between two or more people)
iontas wonder, amazement
déanamh iontas wondering
Ioráic Iraq
na Ioráici the Iraqies
Deir an Ioraic Iraq says
iorras peninsula, headland
Iorua Norway
an Iorua Norway
Iráineacha Iranian
iris magazine
iriseoir journalist
iriseoireacht journalism
is it is
is (agus) and
is to be
Is cuma iss kumah It doesn't matter
Is doigh liom iss dough-ig lom I think so
is dona liomsa seo I regret this ('this is bad by me')
ise she, her
íseal low
é a rá ós íseal to say it quietly, under one's breath
is fearr best
is fíor go iss feer guh it is true that
an ísiltír the Netherlands
na hísiltíre of the Netherlands
ísleán low ground
Is maith liom a bheith ag taisteal I like travelling
Is maith liom é iss mah lom eh I like it
ispín ish-peen sausage
Isteach eesh-tawch In/Entrance, in(wards)
istigh go dtí an into
Istigh inside, within
istoíche at night
ith (ithe) e-hey eat
ag ithe eating
ithim i eat
Iúil July
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